AA Defensive Driving – Earn Credits & 6 months off restricted

May 22, 2020

Defensive Driving Course

8 hour course run over ideally 4 x2 hour session or 8 x1 hour session depending on group

1 hour in car session

Students can also get 9 credits for doing the unit standards 3464,3465 and 3466(in car) all level 2 credits.

Once they finish the DDC you get 6 months off yourrestricted time, 9 level 2 credits and a much more aware and safer driving look out.

Cost is  $229 for the Course and $10 for a handling fee for the unit standards.

If you would love to book in a course, please get in touch as spaces are limited.

Ashleigh LOWE

AA Defensive Driving Instructor

Cell: 0273377202

Photo by Hannah Sutherland on Unsplash