Headspace – Program for School Leavers

November 7, 2019

Not sure what to do next year…. have a look at Headspace

Headspace makes time to find out who God is, what He is about and how to put Him at the centre of our plans. Headspace is designed to awaken your missions perspective and draw you closer to God, by solidifying your knowledge of the bible, faith and identity in Christ. The year long program combines study, work, travel, practical training, mentoring and living in community to help you grapple with what it looks like to live life as a follower of Christ.

It’s a 10 month program, running from Feb-Nov, consisting of 5 Blocks.

Block 1 | Foundations (4-weeks)

Team building/living in community, overview of the Bible, and various lectures.

Block 2 | Work Experience (14-weeks)

Practical work (packing fruit to earn money to cover your fees).

Block 3 | Cross-cultural Training (5-weeks)

Discovering another culture, preparing for Thailand, ministry prep and training to teach English.

Block 4 | Offshore Experience (10-weeks)

Partnering with churches and organisations, teaching English. Seeing how missions can be done and sharing God’s love.

Block 5 | Life Planning (4-weeks)

Putting everything they’ve learned together, looking back and debriefing the year’s experiences and looking forward to the next steps in their journey.

To find out more,  check out the website www.gc3.org.nz/headspace or text 0226525931 with your name and we’ll be in touch soon!