Natural Abilities Assessment

December 5, 2019

Year 10,11,12 and 13 Pupils?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and pressured by the decision of what to do after you finish school?

Many pupils find this difficult as they are not sure who they really are or where they are going. So how do you decide what road to take to your ideal career?

The Natural Ability assessment can help!  It measure your natural abilities, and learning style, which will give you practical guidance to find the career path that is the best fit for you.

After completing nineteen objective work samples online, you receive a two hour consultation from a certified career coach and a detailed report on your abilities, and the best job matches, which will help you map out your career path.

Hugely popular in the US and Australia, this test and follow-up feedback is now available in New Zealand, through

Ruth Corlett, Internationally Accredited Career Consultant (with over 12 years experience in Asia and NZ).

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