Pathways for International Pupils who have not qualified for University Study

January 31, 2020

If you are an international pupil who have not qualified for the undergraduate study  at University due to your NCEA, CIE or IB results (or if you feel you may miss out at the end of 2020) there are programs available to help you gain entrance.

The UP International College New Zealand, a registered New Zealand school, offers three university pathway programmes designed especially for international students. These programmes are approved as meeting the entry requirements by Universities New Zealand into all New Zealand universities. The programmes are:

They offer Foundation Studies programmes of various lengths, depending on the student’s academic ability and English language skills. They find that most students achieve the best outcome when they are admitted into a three- or four-term programme, but for students who narrowly miss university entrance they offer a two-term programme. Upon successful completion of a programme, the student receives a guaranteed offer of place at the respective university. The qualifications are also accepted by many universities in Australia and other countries.