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New Zealand  Dairy Industry


New Zealand Medical School Entry Discussion Group

This is a place where students can discuss their journey towards medical school. Whether it’s high school curriculum or Health Sciences First Year, this is a forum where other medical students, doctors and university students can chip in with real advice.



Article explaining the choices and steps to entering a career in nursing:


Nursing in USA
Careers Middleton posts

Facebook Page for all the latest Careers news, links and updates.
Careers New Zealand

Helping you make smart decisions about work and learning in New Zealand. This site includes interactive tools and a careers database and a quiz you can take to work out your potential career options

There are a number of self-awareness activities that help you identify who you and what you are good at.

Ideas and tools to explore your options
Tips on making good career decisions and taking action.


Future in Tech

Promotes careers in Technology, Engineering and Science by linking pupils with industry professionals.


Links to help prepare for the future

Go Places

Build your reading writing and math skills for work and for life. Click on the REGISTER button, fill in your details, use join code NZCE, choose a username and password then click REGISTER and you’re ready to choose a pathway and start learning.


School Leavers Toolkit

The Toolkit aims to provide Year 7-13 students with the opportunity to build their financial capability, learn how NZ’s political system works and to develop key workplace skills and competencies. It was created to inform students in their choices after they leave school, whether that’s further education and training or a career path. But it’s also a great resource for career specialists, providing valuable information for students facing too many options – helping them to be more directed and focused.


Ultimate Guide To Passing Any Interview:

Using this fantastic resource guide, you can gain a detailed insight into how to answer certain questions, how to behave, body language and more.


Links to help with funding for study

University Scholarships
MoneyHub, a consumer finance website, has published a guide to hundreds of scholarships for any pupil planning to start university in 2019. The comprehensive list includes scholarships offered by every university as well as those specifically available to local students. A list of privately-funded, Maori, Pacific and International university scholarships completes the list. Applications close throughout the year, with tens of millions of dollars available. MoneyHub has also published a list of tips for scholarship success.


For USA scholarships see:


Study Link


School Connect

Is a searchable database helping you find the best matches of scholarships, awards and grants you are eligible for in terms of criteria, level of study and discipline along with closing dates, application requirements and contact details.


Links to help with driving


Use code NZCE when booking for a 20% discount


Watch videos of the driving skills you’ll need to know, plus get the insider guide to the test. Share lesson plans with your coach so you’re practicing the right thing when you’re out on the road. Track your progress step-by-step so you know when you’ll be ready for the test.


Links to help find work


GradNewZealand helps university students find jobs through their digital products. The website helps students to explore, compare, shortlist and apply for their perfect graduate or internship job, all in one place.

They have recently launched GradNewZealand which is part of the GradAustralia, GradSingapore, GradMalaysia, GradPhilippines and GradUK (Target Jobs) family. For over 30 years, the group’s mission has been to help every student find the perfect job with the perfect company.


New Zealand websites that indicate job prospects and skill shortages.

Has a lot of great career-related information, including sample CV content and sample cover letters for thousands of job titles.

Christian Network

Tools to help you start your apprenticeship
Grad Connect

Helps tertiary graduates find Jobs and Internships in New Zealand


Just the Job

Showcases over 240 careers in a range of industries.


Youth Guarantee Scheme and Vocational Pathways

Initiatives to improve young peoples’ transition from school to further study, training and employment.
Defence Force


Tourism Careers


Links about Universities

No Major Drama

Learn about NZ university majors.
Thinking about university

Popular Tertiary Institutions


Links about Technologies and Polytechnic


Links about private Institutions


Links with information on gap years